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Tekken 8 Combo news

Let's turn to Lars

published on 03/21/2023

Namco Bandai just release the new Lars Alexandersson Trailer. You can check his new moves with some electric effect and flying kick. Lars was introduce in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion and still a good character to play.

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King trailer

published on 03/17/2023

discover now King trailer with many multi-throws

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Marshall Law Trailer

published on 03/14/2023

discover the new Marshall Law trailer with nunchaku gameplay style

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And now, let's start with Paul Phoenix

published on 03/10/2023

Namco Bandai continues teasing with the new trailer Tekken 8 : Paul Phoenix. Getting more and more nervous.

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Jin Kazama Official Gameplay Trailer

published on 02/28/2023

Discover the new trailer starring Jin Kazama and his new combos set

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Discover New Kazuya Mishima Trailer

published on 02/21/2023

The new Tekken 8 trailer shows up the greatest Kazuya Mishima with some new moves.

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New Trailer : Nina Williams reveal & gameplay

published on 02/06/2023

First Lady of the Tekken series, the fearsome professional killer Nina Williams, makes her much-anticipated return in Tekken 8.

Here is her gameplay trailer revealed by publisher Bandai Namco, where we can see that despite a change in appearance, she has lost none of her beauty and efficiency in battle.

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New Gameplay mechanics Introduction

published on 02/05/2023

In the introduction to game mechanics with Paul and Law as test subjects, the 36 minutes below emphasized the aggression that will be at the heart of the experience, starting with the Rage System which will present unified controls across the entire roster for its Rage Art (R2 on PS5) and which has removed the Rage Drive from Tekken 7. Rage will activate if our health decreases below a certain threshold, with a white recovery gauge borrowed from the Tekken Tag sub-series. However, this time, our health will be restored by giving and receiving hits, so being aggressive will be profitable.

But the most important point is the Heat System unique to Tekken 8, recognizable by the blue flame surrounding the character. In this state giving the advantage to the attacker, a blocked hit will still hurt the opponent by causing the recovery gauge to appear and our fighter's unique characteristics will be improved for certain attacks. It can be activated manually with R1 for a duration of 10 seconds, which is called a Heat Burst, or through a Heat Engager by successfully hitting the opponent in a certain way. Thus, it will be easier for beginners to try more members of the roster. By the way, it was said that aerial combos will be close to those of Tekken 6. The two chain-shaped (or 8-shaped) signs on the Heat bar are linked to two special actions, the Heat Smash and Heat Dash, and to an energy system. Thus, activating a Heat Burst will grant us a Heat Energy, while a Heat Engager will bring two. A Heat Dash will consume one and a Heat Smash will consume all.

Finally, two different control schemes will be offered, usable in all game modes. On the one hand there will be the Arcade style for a classic Tekken experience, and on the other hand there will be the Special style combining the combo and assistance features of Tekken 7, with improvements. By pressing L1, a control panel will appear on the screen, making it easier to perform complicated techniques that are normally difficult to achieve. In addition, actions related to buttons will change depending on the situation (Rage, Heat).

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Tekken 8 new Heat system

published on 12/12/2022

Discover in this video how works the new Heat attack system

According to Harada, Tekken 8 gameplay will focus on 'aggressiveness' and will have a new 'Heat' system as well as Rage Arts. The gameplay will reward aggressiveness rather than those who 'turtle up'. There will also be a focus on stage destruction, character reactions to these, and making the gameplay enjoyable to watch as well as play.

The Rage system will return alongside Rage Arts.

Heat System

The new Heat System will add unique effects to certain moves of the character and is indicated by a small pink aura that the character surrounds the character. When triggered, the Heat System turns a single move into a full combo on the opponent. It is unclear yet how this system will be triggered and what additional properties the Heat System provides, but it is confirmed that the Heat System is treated completely separate from Rage.

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New Tekken 8 Story trailer

published on 12/09/2022

Check the new trailer from Tekken 8 with some Story reveal

These playable characters are confirmed:

  • Jin Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Jun Kazama
  • King
  • Jack-8
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Marshall Law
  • Lars Alexandersson
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Tekken 8 announced

published on 09/14/2022

Check the first Tekken 8 Reveal trailer

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