Base Controls


1. Health Gauge: Your character's life. When you get hit by an attack, your Health Gauge decreases. If your opponent's Health Gauge reaches 0, you win the round.

2. Time Limit: When it reaches 0, time is up. In that case, the player with the fullest Health Gauge wins.

3. Number of won rounds: Whenever you win a round, you get a point. You win the match when you win the amount of rounds represented by the number of dots.

4. Heat Timer: When this gauge is active, Heat related moves can be activated. You have 10 seconds when the Heat system starts to perform your moves. When it depletes, the Heat state ends.

5. Heat Energy: You can perform special moves by using your Heat Energy reserve - you have two of them.

6. Recoverable Gauge: When you block some special moves or get hit by aerial combos, a part of the damage taken is remains as a Recoverable Gauge.


1. Left Punch LP

2. Right Punch RP

3. Left Kick LK

4. Right Kick RK

1 + 3. Throw 1 LP + LK

2 + 4. Throw 2 RP + RK

5. (When Heat activation available) Heat Burst RP + LK

5. (During Heat) Heat Smash RP + LK

6. (During Rage) Rage Arts Down / ForwardLP + RP

7. Arcade Style Special Style (unused on Console / PC)

Controls Style

Like Tekken 7, there's 2 type of control method. Arcade style is the common control used during all Tekken Series. There's just 4 buttons and directionnal control to perform all moves.

Then, the new Special style designed for casual players. Moves are easier to perform with usually one smash button. There's also shortcut to perform Rage Art or Heat Burst

Each button has a recommended move and combo for each character. New controls that feel more like action games, specialized for casual play. The assigned action changes depending on the state of the character (Heat, Rage, etc.).

This control style doesn’t require to memorize or practice commands in advance, allowing players to easily play each character, switching between special and arcade style game play in each mode, while keeping its thrill and exciting experience

Warning : Tekken 8 combo will not display any combo under Special Style. All actions are displayed with normal button.

Basic moves

Here's the basic moves showing directionnal input that you need to press following the moving direction. It's all about the same as Tekken 7

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