Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

How to report issue on the website ?
If you think that something doesn't seem to work properly, please contact us to report it.
Why ads on this site ?
This site doesn't (and will never) show intrusive ads. Please don't use an ad-blocker to support site developpement.
Will it be possible to add combos for future characters ?
Yes, Tekken 8 Combo is frequently updated with new feature and game updates.
Is there a way to change language ?
Sorry but this site is english only for world wide understanding. If you need some help to understand, please contact us.
I want to bring some help.
All kind of help is welcome to improve Tekken 8 Combo. If you have an idea to broaden character or gameplay content, please contact us. If you want to make partner link, please contact us.

Combos FAQ

Do I have to register to post a combo ?
Yes! You have to. But any registered user can manage their own combo, editing, deleting,...
I need some help to add my own combo, where can I found it ?
Read Help section to know about combo legend. If you find an issue tu use the combo editor, please contact us.
Can I edit or delete my combos ?
Yes but you can't change character.
How many combo can I add ?
You can add many combos as you want but please check your combos before posting.
I just want to add a combo but it doesn't seem to work
Please follow form error. Combo must be 4 hit minimum.
I found a fake combo, Can i report it ?
Yes! Click on report button and stick it as Fake. We will check further.
I deleted my combo unintentionally...
We can back it up. Please contact us for this.
Can I share my combo on other website ?
Yes. You have different way to share your combo. You can make it clicking share button to share on Facebook, X(Twitter), or direct link. You can even copy text version and paste it everywhere you want.
Is there a way to show minimal information ?
Yes. Just click on the horizontal pink bar under the combo to display it condensed.
Is there a way to show combo in distraction mode
Yes. Just clikc "isolate" to display only one combo and stay focused
Is it possible to use keyboard in combo editor ?
Yes, you can move cursor type using arrow keys from your keyboard and use backspace to delete last entry.

Account FAQ

Why should I register ?
Registration take 1 min. Creating account add many features like combo editing, favorites and report. You will be able to post your character customization. You can also change button style (PS5, Xbox) and change player side for better reading if you are right player.
I've forgot my password
Use "forget password" on loggon page. You will receive a new password.
Why do I need to chose favourite character ?
You don't have to. It adds a shortcut to quickly add combo.
I want to delete my account
Please, contact us. Note that all your combo will be transfered on another account.
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