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Asuka Kazama is a master of Kazama-style traditional martial arts and is a well-known mediator.She once defeated the young heiress Lili at The King of Iron Fist Tournament, but after that victory, Asuka got the feeling she was being followed wherever she went.Lili's increasingly irrational behavior escalated day by day. One day Asuka came home to discover her dojo was bought by Lili and covered in rose decorations.But these days of farcical shenanigans are about to come to an end with G Corp's global invasion.


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw game



Fighting Style

Kazama-Style traditional Martial Arts

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  • One of the best whiff punishers in the game
  • Best arsenal of panic moves
  • Strong keepout
  • Big arsenal of safe mid launchers and CH launchers.
  • Strong CH game


  • Worst jab punish
  • Weak early punishment.
  • Struggles vs defensive players


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