Patch Notes 1.04

published on 05/10/2024


Update Contents

  • New items added to the TEKKEN SHOP
  • Feature improvements and bug fixes
  • Properties and/or behavior for select moves of select characters were adjusted.

Update Details

New items added to the TEKKEN SHOP

  • New costume packs "NINJA Pack" and "SHINOBI Pack" will be available for all playable characters.
  • A legacy costume for "Lili" will be available.
  • One free avatar customization item.


Functional improvements, Bug fixes.

  • Optimization of packet transmission and reception as well as rollback processing during online matches.
  • Improvement of the logic for detecting processing delay displayed as red icon in the bottom right corner of the screen during online matches.
  • The parameter names for each item in "PLAY STATS" have been improved for better clarity.
  • Improvement made to "My Replay & Tips" allowing players to skip entrance and victory animations during replay playback.
  • Optimized loading times in "Exciting Replay."
  • Fixed an issue in "Character Customization" where it was possible to customize both "Kijin Face Guard" and "Surgical Mask" for Reina simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug in "Character Customization" where the skin color of the upper body was not as intended.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes were implemented.


Behavior/properties of moves will be adjusted for some characters.


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