New Season 1 Trailer: Character, Stage, Modes and more...

published on 04/29/2024

Bandai Namco has recently released a new trailer for Tekken 8, detailing the upcoming content for the game in 2024. Many new features are expected, including:


What's New ?

Balance Updates: Balance updates will be released to adjust the power of the characters.

New Stage: Seaside Resort: A new stage called "Seaside Resort" will arrive in the summer.

Photo Mode: A photo mode will also be added to capture the highlights of your fights.

New Story Chapter: A new story chapter will be unveiled in the fall, including the sequel to the main story and the stories of the new DLC characters.

Online Practice Mode: An online practice mode will be available to train with other players.

Ghost Vs Ghost Mode: A Ghost Vs Ghost mode will also be added, allowing you to fight each other using your own ghosts.

Lidia Sobieska as DLC: Lidia Sobieska will be the next DLC character to arrive in the summer.

In summary, here is an overview of the upcoming content for Tekken 8 in 2024:

  • Balance Updates
  • New Stage: Seaside Resort
  • Photo Mode
  • New Story Chapter
  • Online Practice Mode
  • Ghost Vs Ghost Mode
  • Lidia Sobieska as DLC (Summer)

This should be enough to satisfy Tekken fans who are eager to discover new content and improve their skills in this intense fighting game.


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